Strange hanging issue

11-01-2020 04:53 PM
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Hi all,

I wonder if anyone has run into this issue and figured out a workaround for it?

  1. AppStudio 4.3.193 on windows 10
  2. Two monitors - one is a laptop screen and the other a sizeable desktop monitor. Monitors are set to extend in windows display.
  3. Start AppStudio and move it to the secondary monitor (not Main Display)
  4. Start one of the samples (eg Feature Layer) in the QT Editor debugger
  5. At this point, the sample app will hang. The last line printed to the QML Debugger Console is void __cdecl QmlApplication::initialize(void)

As long as I start the debugger from the Main Display, everything works. I can change which monitor is Main and as long as I run from the Main display, everything works. I can also duplicate the monitors and it works.I can start the app from the Main screen and then move it to the secondary screen - this also works. It only seems to hang when I start the app from the secondary monitor.

The background for this and reason for this post is that I'm creating an app for a client and they will definitely be running on workstations with multiple monitors.




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That seems to be a strange issue. So is this issue only happening when you run the app on Debugger? How about the normal AppRun? How about the built app?

Are you going to have your client run the app on debugger? We have personally never seen this issue, I am trying to locate a Windows 10 machine trying to reproduce this issue, but I don't think this issue exist on the AppRun or built app. 

Thank you,


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