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09-10-2021 05:46 PM
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I am in the process of creating an application using quick report and noticed that when I skip the "AddPhotoPage", it will not submit my report. Is there a way to skip the AddPhotoPage altogether? If so, what is the process to skip this page? The organization wanting the app did not need users to add photos to their points.

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If there is no attachment in the feature layer, the "AddPhotoPage" will be skipped and it will go to AddDetailsPage after the map page, as shown in the code at QuickReportApp.qml ~ line 2486 inside the Component refineLocationPage onNext. You can also make just comment the section to simply call stackview.showAddDetailsPage() in the onNext. This works using the sample data where attachment is not required. 


Screen Shot 2021-09-15 at 3.09.53 PM.png


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