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01-12-2017 06:54 AM
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Hi dear community!
I am working with the Quick Report App. In the old version, it was possible to insert the "map page" into the qml source code via AppStudioDesktop. Since the last update (end of december), when testing the application in AppStudio, the map is not shown any more. We inserted the map page with an icon in the "LandingPage" which calls the new created "MapPage" (which we copied from the older version). Now, after the update, the (map)site does still show up, like the zoom buttons, but without the map and the features. Please recommend a solution for our problem.

Thanks! 🙂

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Hi Regina,

In the new Quick Report lots of changes and enhancements have gone in and you can read and learn about it in this blog post: https://community.esri.com/groups/appstudio/blog/2017/01/02/updates-to-quick-report-in-13 


For the map related question now the Quick Report template supports WebMap. In the settings please provide a publicly available WebMap id and the template will show the map (as shown in the video above). So you do not need to copy over any files from the older version.

I ran your application in AppStudio and was able to see topographic map in the map page (see attached screenshot). In your application the web map id is d5e02a0c1f2b4ec399823fdd3c2fdebd and its showing the correct map. If you want to use your own web map with your layers in them just replace the id in appinfo.json or using settings tool.

Hopefully this helps. If I have misunderstood your problem please records a short video and post it.

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