qmlscene.exe Crashes When Running Map

01-04-2016 03:08 AM
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I'm trying to enable debugging for AppStudio. I followed the routine explained in this article. I managed to set and hit breakpoints in some places when working with Text boxes, Portal etc. (I can acess Portal component, this means that ArcGIS runtime loaded into the app)

But as soon as a component containing map pops up, qmlscene process crashes. I end up with the same problem for any sample application which contains a map.

My system Info:

Windows 10 x64, VS 2013, WDK 10.0.10586, qt-opensource-windows-x86-msvc2013_64-5.5.1, AppStudio for ArcGIS 1.0.17

Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance.

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Hi Eduard

The help page you refer to is currently being updated - but in the meantime - here is the info you need. Specifically, I expect its step 7 that you are after.

  1. Install AppStudio.
  2. Install Visual Studio 2013.
  3. Install Microsoft WinDbg.
  4. Install Qt SDK for Windows.
  5. Run the script C:\Users\<username>\Applications\ArcGIS\AppStudio\sdk\ideintegration\post-install.bat. This script detects the latest Qt version installed at the default path C:\Qt\Qt5.x.x. If Qt is installed in a different location on your machine, modify the value of WIN64DIR in the script to point to the directory where Qt SDK is installed.
  6. Open Qt Creator from the Qt SDK install. For example, if you have Qt 5.5.1 installed, the path would be C:\Qt\Qt5.5.1\Tools\QtCreator\bin\qtcreator.exe. Open one of your AppStudio apps by selecting the app.qmlproject file. By default, apps are located in C:\Users\<username>\ArcGIS\AppStudio\Apps.
  7. Browse to Project > Run and in the section titled Run Environment, choose to Add a new environment variable called QT_OPENGL with the value angle.
    This step must be repeated every time a new app is opened. Alternatively you can choose to save this as a system environment variable, eliminating the need to set it in Qt Creator.
  8. Choose Run to launch the app in QML Scene.
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Thank you. Marika, your solution works!

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Hello again!

Now I'm able to run the app in debug mode and see the map, however when the app hits a breakpoint in the scene with map (e.g. map click) it crashes anyway.

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