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Publish customize Survey123 to IOS device

04-16-2020 11:40 PM
New Contributor II

Hi currently I am working on to customise ArcGIS survey123 and publish it on apps store. We are using qt 5.13.2 version.

But I am facing problem to publish it because the error below when I run the code on AppStudio for ArcGIS.

Code Signing Error: No profile for team '7X7MAZ6KKC' matching 'Error' found:  Xcode couldn't find any provisioning profiles matching '7X7MAZ6KKC/Error'. Install the profile (by dragging and dropping it onto Xcode's dock item) or select a different one in the Signing & Capabilities tab of the target editor.

Below are the setting details:

Second then I try run in XCode, we encounter an error as below.

Can anyone please suggest the correct wor##kflow to publish a customize survey123 to apps studio.

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Esri Regular Contributor


Are you running Local Make or Cloud Make? It looks like you are running Local Make. If so, can you try running Cloud Make?

It looks like you are trying to show us two separate issues:

- From the first screenshot regarding the build error, it is possible that the provisioning profile and p12 files were not imported correctly, did you follow the steps here? Sign your app—AppStudio for ArcGIS | Documentation 

- And also regarding the last screenshot in xcode, the screenshot is not very clear, but it looks like it is for a crash issue when deploying the app to a device, correct? We need to see better screenshots, as the log messages in the screenshot are not clear. 

Thank you,


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