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near me widget replication/import

07-12-2019 02:38 PM
by Anonymous User
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Is there any built-in widgets available to use in AppStudio that are provided via Web-App Builder, specifically the 'Near Me' widget?

I'm trying to understand if this can be implemented by any built-in plugin manner, embed widget code, or if it's required to rebuild this widget in AppStudio by implementing the logic and execution myself. 

If I can provide more specific info, please let me know! I'm somehow failing to see many examples that so robust examples of layout/views within app studio that are map-centric.

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Esri Regular Contributor


In general, it is not possible to simply "import" or "embed" the widgets from Web AppBuilder into AppStudio. However, I do agree with you that it would really cool if this is possible. 

But regarding the "Near Me" widget specifically, we are currently working (almost finish) on a sample or template that is very similar to this, please watch out for blog or announcement very soon. 

Thank you,


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