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07-22-2021 03:32 PM
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We have an app we've been using in AppStudio Player. After updating the AppStudio Player app on iOS to the latest version (released July 12, 2021), the app I had downloaded on my iPad will no longer open and gives an error on an orange screen:
"Please as the app owner to make the following changes in AppStudio Desktop and upload the app again. 

1. module "Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Toolkit" version 100.10 is not installed

- Navigate to ExecutiveApp.qml and check for line 26" 


When I check line 26, it says 

import Esri.ArcGISRuntime.Toolkit 100.10
Any suggestions? I am new to this!
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I think you are using AppStudio 5.1 that is using ArcGIS Runtime SDK version 100.11, can you change the version number on the import statement for Runtime Toolkit to 100.11?


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We had to install AppStudio 5.1 & change the import statement to 100.11. I'm still confused how the update from the App Store broke our app using 100.10 though, so any insight into that would be extremely valuable!

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