Error when configuring Qt using appstudio Advanced Configuration Tool

08-06-2021 03:09 AM
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I want to perform local Make instead of cloud Make to generate binaries for my apps.
So i created locally installation files for an Appstudio 4 application for Android on Windows 10 Enterprise.
For that i installed development tools locally following this doc

ArcGIS AppStudio 4 (64-bit)
Visual Studio 2019,
Qt 5.15.2 for Windows (VS 2019) and Android (64-bit)
Android SDK Platform Tools and Android SDK

When i try to configure with qt kit for arcgis appstudio, i'm having an error saying "either the user does not have the appropriate permissions or the defined paths are not valid"



I opened AdvancedConfiguration.exe with my local admin account and redo the configuration: same error.

It is therefore not linked to the rights of the Windows account.

For info, i'm using a trial commercial licence for Qt SDK.

I don't know if you were able to set up the right environment for the local generation.
Do you have any idea how to solve this?

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The Local Make tools require the paid (Enterprise?) version of the Qt SDK and Qt Creator. I think the path error issue since it is pointing to the trial version of the Qt SDK. 


I hope this is helpful,


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