Missing points while using the Quick Report template

03-30-2022 01:15 PM
New Contributor II

Hi there,

We're having some unusual synchronization issues and would appreciate any assistance or suggestions you may provide.

To collect the points (locations) of plants on campus, we used the Quick Report template and constructed an APP. In the first two weeks, the APP performed admirably, and we were able to upload all of the plant positions (approximately 80 points) to the host feature layer via the APP. However, we've been having issues with synchronization since last Friday.

According to our records, we added at least 70 more points using the app (and the interface showed "Submitted successfully"), but only 12 of them were updated to the host feature layer this time.

We didn't make any modifications to the settings during this process and we used the app in exactly the same way as before. However, the number of points we submitted no longer corresponds to the number of points in the backend database.

Is there anyone who can help explain what's going on here? Many thanks!!

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