Maximum and minimum values change after I convert Raster to ASCII in ArcGIS

09-23-2021 10:22 PM
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When i am trying to convert the clipped and filled raster of DEM to ASCII  most of the cell values turn to 'no data' values i.e -9999 even though there are no 'no data' values in the original DEM. Also my maximum and minimum elevation values also get changed during this process. Actually i need DEM in the TRIGRS software in ascii format.

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when you clipped, did you use a perfect rectangle which was axis-aligned?

if not and you used some other shape, then the no data values represent the space between your clipping shape and what is returned (rasters are rectangular by definition)

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In the raster to ASCII tool, go to raster storage under environments and uncheck compression and uncheck build pyramids (maybe also set calculations to none?), that is how I got it to stop recalculating my min max values when using raster to ascii (plus rename extension .asc - why does it default to .txt?).

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