Map Viewer offline map areas don't use webmap symbology

06-09-2020 10:40 PM
by Anonymous User
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Hi all.

Using the AppStudio Map Viewer 4.2 template, I notice that the offline map areas don't display with the same symbology as the web map, and the layer names don't honour the webmap either.

e.g. this is the actual web map symbology

whereas the offline map area seems to default to the feature service symbology:

Can anyone else confirm if this is the case, and/or is there a way to make the offline map use the same symbology as the web map?

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hello Paul, 

Tina Jin‌ and I tested this, it looks like we are able to reproduce the issue using this webmap (7fa70e3e030143e4a112ba4e3ce003c2) with offline map areas. 

Both the symbology and the layer name of the MMPK are coming from the feature layer instead of what being set in the webmap. 
The webmap in ArcGIS Online Map Viewer,
Webmap in AppStudio Map Viewer with the same Layer name and symbology.
Offline Map Area in AppStudio Map Viewer (see the points has plain black symbology and the layer name is not the same as in the webmap)

Can you please submit this issue as a BUG thru Esri Technical Support‌ ? So that we can track and prioritize this accordingly. 
Thank you,
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