Leverage sensors (other than GPS) in the background

09-13-2017 12:02 PM
Esri Contributor

It appears leveraging of device sensors other than location while the app is backgrounded or while the screen is off is not supported in Runtime 100. Will this be supported in the future?

My app runs in the background providing continuous location values which, not surprisingly, grinds through the battery in pretty short order. Given that the device might frequently sit still for minutes or hours at a time, it makes sense (for this use case, at least) to not gather location data during that time. I was experimenting to see if I could utilize the gyroscope sensor to deactivate PositionSource if the gyroscope indicates the device is motionless or relatively so, and then reactivate it when the gyro senses device motion. This worked well (way better than I expected) when the screen is on and the app is in the foreground, but doesn't work otherwise. Is it on the roadmap?



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