ipa file size is too

04-12-2021 04:17 AM
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Hi there, I created a build for ios to upload in app store connector,and the app size is around 230mb which is quite big.  But when i used to test the app using development option the build size  was around 45 mb.  

So is there anyway to reduce the size? btw i have tried this link https://community.esri.com/t5/arcgis-appstudio-questions/ios-ipa-file-size/m-p/877125#M3506  but it didn't work. 

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Currently, we enable bitcode by default only for app-store iOS builds as recommended by Apple in above link. Enabling bitcode increases the ipa size. But, the final app deployed from app-store to the device will be smaller in size as the bitcode information allows Apple to apply additional optimization and push only the files required for that specific device.


If you want, you could disable bitcode by following the solution from below post. 



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