ArcGIS Appstudio cloud make MapViewer template build gives white screen on Android

02-08-2021 11:13 AM
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Hello guys, 

I am attempting to deploy an app to the android play store, which has been done successfully, but the app itself is not working on android. The app can be downloaded onto Android phones but after the initial start screen, it goes white. After looking at other solutions, it appears that the white screen means an issue with one of the QML components. 

This app was built using the MapViewer template. It works fine on AppStudio Player (desktop) and AppStudio Player (mobile) but fails through the Play Store. 

This was built using 4.4.77 (AppStudio) and 5.13.1 (Qt version). 

Running the debugging in Qt, it appears the "::isOnline(void)" is depracated and to use "Networking.isOnline" instead, but using CNTRL + SHIFT + F to find those bits of QML reveal nothing and I'm not too sure how to fix that (even if that's the issue).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you, 

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