Quick report null value issues

04-09-2021 12:12 PM
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Hello, all. I am building an app within Appstudio and have everything mostly setup the way I would like except I have two fields that I need to have input from a user and they cannot be left blank.

I built a point feature layer in pro and made sure to enable the no null values for two of my fields in the table for point feature layer. I then uploaded it to Arcgis online and after allowing for edits and public use I used it as the form for my quick app.

When I get to the page for adding details for the point features I ensured were not allowed to be left null, are in red and have an asterisks next to them notifying the user that input is needed for those fields.

The problem is when I submit the form with those fields left blank, it proceeds and submits the form. How can I fix this?

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This might be a bug in QuickReport, expected behavior is when the required field is left blank, the submit button should be disabled. 



BUT, the weird part is that the feature layer should return an error and we are not supposed to be able to submit a new record.

Can you verify that the fields in the feature layer are required? 


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Hi, thanks for the reply. Here are a couple screenshots. First is the app info page, you can see in red those are the two fields that I need to not be left blank. The second image shows the first name field is not allowed to be null, which is the same case for the last name field.



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