Inconsistent results using a custom URL for app

10-23-2017 02:05 PM
Esri Contributor

I set up a custom url for my app and Made it for iOS, Android, Win32 and Win64. I deployed the iOS app to my iPhone and the Win64 version to my laptop. I emailed myself some links that call the app and pass in some parameters. 

Clicking the links in my email client on the iPhone opens the app, but the parameters either do not get passed in or something about the app ignores them. Either way they do not get applied to the the app.

Clicking the links in my email client on the laptop opens the app every time, but seems to pass in the parameters exactly every other time. Thus the first time I click a link, the app opens but no parameters are applied. The second time I click it the app opens and the parameters are applied. If I then clear the parameters from the app, thus restoring it to 'factory settings', the next two times I click the link the exact same sequence of results occurs. I haven't tested Android yet. 

Is there something I can check to figure out what causes it to fail the first time but succeed the second on Windows and to fail every time on iOS? 

I assume this is something I am doing wrong since this is the first time I am implementing this. Any and all suggestions are welcome.



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