How to fetch images from mobile device and show them in a grid view.

08-26-2020 05:20 AM
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Hey there, so i want to implement a camera feature in my application where I can take photos and also fetch the photos from gallery and show them in a grid view. I am using App Studio for the application development.

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You should take a look at our Camera Dialog sample that is available in AppStudio 4.3, currently in Beta, This sample shows you how to take photos, and show the result of the photo in QML elements. 

And for putting in a grid, you can combine it from the sample from Qt documentation regarding Grid, this is a good sample, gridview-example.qml Example File | Qt Quick 5.12.9  and this is the documentation on Grid, GridView QML Type | Qt Quick 5.15.0 . 

I hope this is useful, 


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