How to add multiple feature services to an app studio quick report

10-30-2017 07:16 PM
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Currently I am using a quick report template to create a native application for collecting wildlife data but i hit a brick wall.
So Right now i can create a template for say elk,deer and moose. And i can report the following:
The number of males, the number of females and number of young. But standard reporting for moose,deer and elk is different and i would like to use more scientific terms related to each individual species.
For elk i would like to say: Number of bulls(spike), number of bulls(2-5 spike) number of bulls (6 spike plus), number of cows, number of  calfs.
For moose I would like to say: Number of Bulls, number of cows, number of calfs
For deer I would like to say: number of bucks, number of does, number of fawns.
SO what i am asking is if templates within the same feature class can have different fields to report different information into. 
Is this possible? 
I tried creating a different feature class for each species but realized a different url service is created for each layer meaning that wont work because i can only attach one url service to the app.
or is it possible that there is a way to run more than one URL service off this application???
any help is greatly appreciated!
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Hi Joseph,

Could you please go ahead and log an enhancement request with the Esri Technical support team for AppStudio Quick report template to support multiple feature layers within the app?



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Hi there,

We are introducing the multi-feature layer support. Please refer to this geonet comment

Thank you.


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