How do I add image attachments to an email that is sent when a hosted feature layer is updated?(python)

07-15-2019 11:27 PM
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I run run a python script which sends an email when the hosted feature layer is updated. The email contains details from the hosted feature layer attributes. (python source is here: However, I would like to add image attachments to the email. The images are stored in a related table to the hosted feature service. 

My data is being captured through an App in Appstudio.

Has anyone written some python to do this?

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I am not a Python expert, but I will include Python‌ to see anyone in this group can help. 

What app did you use in AppStudio? Is it custom or QuickReport template? 

Depending on the exact requirements on your app, How you looked at alternative workflows on sending an email after data being captured using Webhook like in Survey123 or using our AppStudio AppFramework Email Composer plugin? 

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Thanks Erwin. It is a QuickReport template. I will look into these options.

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