Email Notification To Admin in AppStudio

04-08-2019 01:26 PM
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I am trying to figure out a way to set up some email notifications through the app I have built in App Studio. The app is built over a Survey123 form.

The first email I want to be sent is to an admin, who would automatically get an email any time a new form was submitted. I was able to setup a webhook to send an email, but the email will only send if the form is submitted via Survey123. No email will send however if you submit the form through the app or the AppStudio Player app.

I have also up an auto email for when a form is edited showing a certain status. One of the fields is submission status, so when the status is set to actioned, an email notification is sent out to a specified email group. Same situation as above. The email is only sent when the form is filled out in Survey123, and not in the AppStudio, or stand alone app.

Also, the "relevant" items in Survey123 show up in the AppStudio and stand alone app no matter what option is selected. Ex. if an item is set to be relevant only if "yes" is selected from a previous question, the relevant question does not even appear in Survey123. However, in AppStudio Player, and in the stand alone app itself, the relevant question displays no matter the answer given, or even if it is left blank.

Any ideas on why this capability does not push through? 

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Web hooks have been discussed before on how to set up in a Quick report template which is an AppStudio app

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