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Display pop-up in AppStudio

04-23-2021 06:40 AM
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Hello everyone,

can you someone help me with displaying pop-up windows in "Mobile Map Package" sample, please?

I make my mmpk in ArcGIS PRO, there are pop-ups enabled, but when I open mmpk in AppStudio ("Mobile Map Package" sample), pop-ups are not there. 

Should I probably change a code in some .qml ?


Thanks a lot.


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Hi Naty

Yes, you would need to add code in AppStudio to show the popups. The Open MMPK sample app is a bare-bones app to only load and display the MMPKs. 

The "Web Sample" app is another sample app (like the MMPK one) that has the code you need and you can download it and then copy code across to your MMPK sample. 

When you open the sample, click on the menu button below and then choose the Web Map Identity to see how it will work.

Good luck.

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