Deleting Feature Classes in GeoApps

03-27-2019 03:47 PM
New Contributor

I have created a native application for my class project. I created a feature class that I thought I needed for the application, but is now redundant. Does anyone know where I can go and how I can delete the feature class so that it doesn't appear on the app? Also the app is on the ArcGIS studio player app, how do I transfer it so that people can download it normally and be able to keep it on their phone?

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Esri Regular Contributor

Not sure what do you mean by "doesn't appear on the app". Are you consuming a webmap and the feature layer is part of that webmap? If yes then just edit the web map in ArcGIS Online and remove the layer. It should be enough.

If you still want to delete the Feature layer you could do that in ArcGIS Online provided its an hosted Feature layer. However, that may affect how the app behaves when the feature layer is not found if you are adding that feature layer directly on the Map and not using webmap.


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