Customize Survey123 to upload pdf file

08-06-2020 08:37 PM
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Hi can anyone guide me how to customize arcgis survey123 in arcgis AppStudio qml/qt to upload pdf file. Currently survey123 only support upload image file only. Then i need to upload pdf file in survey123 form ios device.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Balanmurugan,

With the recent 3.10 release of Survey123 Connect and the field app (and also Survey123 web designer and web app) the file question type is now supported. This means that any file type supported by ArcGIS can now be attached and uploaded via a file question in your survey. This includes PDF files and is supported on Windows, Android, macOS, iOS and Linux.

For information see the following resources: What's new in Survey123—ArcGIS Survey123 | DocumentationMedia—ArcGIS Survey123 | Documentation and



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Hi Philip Wilson,

Thanks for the info, yup its new release have attach file question.

I have another question, as i know we cant pass attachment from other apps (I'm creating an apps in swift) to survey123. am I correct? 

Can help me how we can call other apps from survey123 app. Currently I'm developing an apps in swift, i want call that app from survey123 with pass parameter.

Can i call without touch to edit survey123 code? 

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Please take a look at this doc on the list of parameters that can be used to customize how the field app is opened from other app using app links or deep links (URL scheme), Integrate with other apps—ArcGIS Survey123 | Documentation, there is a new parameter, "action=edit" that would let you specify how the survey is opened, in this case, edit mode. 

And vice versa, you can also call other apps from survey123 using app links or deep links (URL scheme) whichever the other app supports. Many apps can be opened through links. You can create a URL that opens another app and insert it into your survey. These apps can also accept custom parameters in their URLs in the same way as Survey123. Please look at the above doc link (under "Link to other apps from Survey123" section).

All of the above are supported in the out of the box Survey123 3.10 and can be done without customizing the Survey123 field in AppStudio, if you are calling other apps using app links. But if you are calling other apps using the deep link (URL scheme) that are not listed in the above doc link (under "Link to other apps from Survey123" section), you would need to customize the Survey123 app using AppStudio and add (whitelist) the url-scheme of the app(s) that you want to call in AppStudio for it to work in iOS. 

To do this, you can do to Settings of the app, under Advanced> Launch URL Schemes,  you need to add the URL in that comma-separated list. 

I hope this is helpful,