Coordinate System Survey123 Stores Data In

10-21-2016 06:19 PM
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I know that the base maps for offline use have to be in web mercator, but what coordinate system does the actual feature class have to in that the data is being stored in?  Can it be, say, a UTM zone?

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Hi. By default, all feature services created by Survey123 store geometries in Geographic Coordinate System WGS 84 (4236). However, by using the submission_url setting in your XLSForm, you can have your survey point to a custom feature service in a different spatial reference.

As you know, the Survey123 field app works always in WGS84 Geographic Coordinates and the basemaps must be in Web Mercator Auxiliary Sphere. It is not possible to define datum transformations when you use a custom feature service.  For the best control I would recommend to have data coming from Survey123 stored in WGS84 and then project the data using ArcGIS Desktop to your local projection.  If you decide to use a custom feature service with a spatial reference different than the default, be aware that as of Survey123 version 1.8, you can only use submission_url to work with feature services published to ArcGIS Online or to an ArcGIS for Server designated as the Hosted Server of your Portal for ArcGIS. 

I hope this clarifies your question. You may want to post Survey123 questions in the Survey123 GeoNet Group.

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Hi Ismael Chivite

Is your recommended best practice still to have data coming from Survey123 stored in WGS84 and then project the data using ArcGIS Desktop to my local projection? There's no way to collect in a local state plan (using AGO) or convert to it within Survey123 - right?


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I have projected the data coming from Survey123. However the GDB relationships are not maintained for the newly projected feature class. This of course is not desired.

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