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call specific page of app with some parameter reading qrcode from mobile camera

12-27-2020 09:03 PM
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hi i was working on arcgis appstudio., i want to know how to open my app specific page, when some qrcode read from my mobile camera ,giving the url have my website link + some parameter . currently i can only open home page of my app, when i try to read qrcode through mobile camera. Thanks in advance.

i have follwed this link, couldn't know how to find specific page.


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Technically, QR code just gives you a URL with parameters, that would open your app through App Links or URL Scheme.


Are you able to read and receive the parameters in your app? You can take a look at this signal , from this signal then you would create your own logic to open the corresponding page based on the parameter. 


I hope this is helpful,



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hi @ErwinSoekianto 

I am not able to get query-parameter like this. i want to fetch query parameter from my url.

        console.log("onOpenUrl parameters:", JSON.stringify(urlInfo.queryParameters, undefined, 2));


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