AppStudio Standard License in organisational subscription??

03-08-2018 03:25 PM
by MVP Regular Contributor
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Hi folks,

Is it still possible to add an AppStudio for ArcGIS standard license in your organizational AGOL subscription?

We are told by the ESRI AU that we have to get an ArcGIS Developer Subscription (ADS) (old EDN). and I am really puzzled:

How on earth can developers upload an app to their organization when they are using ADS which basically requires the developer to create a sperate AGOL site?? (My organizational account won't be allowed to activate the ADS license) This sounds a bit odd to me, but we are reassured there's a change in relation to AppStudio Standard license.

We used to have a standard license in our organizational AGOL subscription, that worked really well for me as a developer, but it expired a couple of days ago. we tried to renew and was told only ADS is available ...

Am I alone on this issue?

Your comments and thoughts are highly appreciated.



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Hi Simo,

You can call Esri customer support to change standard license from stand -alone dev and test org to your org. You can also create a group and share your app to the group.



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by MVP Regular Contributor
MVP Regular Contributor

Thank you Tina,

Good to know that this is all possible ---- disappointingly, it seems the local distributor does not know this. 

Hopefully our issue will be resolved soon.



by MVP Regular Contributor
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The local distributor insists we can only get AppStudio standard license in ArcGIS Developer Subscription (ADS), and we can't renew our AppStudio standard license in our AGO Organisation. and it seems there is no easy way for them to transfer the license from ADS to Organisation either.

They gave me some advice in regard to how to share the apps developed in ADS with members of my AGO Organisation. but I still can't understand why I need to create a new ADS AGO site which I will never use other than license an isolated AppStudio for ArcGIS. To share the apps built in the AppStudio, I have to be invited into my AGO Organisation in which I am an administrator using organisational account. What's the rationale in this? 

What's the benefit of this change of licensing? It does not make any sense from my point of view, neither can I see any business benefit for ESRI.

Hopefully, this is only a communication issue among ESRI Inc., ESRI local distributor and us as a customer.

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Simo simo xu, if you have any advice on how to move forward with this, please let me know! We are struggling the with exact same issue.


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by MVP Regular Contributor
MVP Regular Contributor

Hi Julie,

After many emails and phone calls, The local distributor transferred the license from my developer subscription to my AGOL organisational subscription .

I still can't understand why they stopped issuing the license directly from organisational AGOL despite it is so closely integrated with it ... it seems a communication breakdown among people who market it & sell it and people who designed it & built it. which leaves users stranded.

Anyway, it was negotiable in my case at that time, I've moved on to other projects using other tools. 

Good luck.

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