AppStudio Player Crashes on QR Code Scan

04-20-2021 09:25 AM
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I have an AppStudio App that has a component where a user can scan a QR Code. I used the barcode example that ESRI offers to create it. I compiled the app and everything works great. No errors are thrown and it scans the QR code just fine. We deployed the app to our users and on most devices everything works great. However, on Android tablets that are on Android version 8.1 AppStudio Player will crash and close after scanning the QR Code. I stripped down the code to to just onDecoded: app.pop(), and it still crashes. The app will pop back to the previous screen, but then crash. Is this just an underlying issue related to the android version as I don't see how the code could be causing the crashes. This is the only device/version that has this issue. Also the Android tablets cannot be updated any further as well.

Has anyone else experienced issues related to scanning QR codes and AppStudio Player crashing?

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What is the product make/model of the Android device? We are going to try to reproduce the issue and see if there is something we can do. It might be device-specific. 

Do you have access to contact Esri Technical Support to submit this as an official defect?



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Let me know if you need something that I havn't listed.

I went onto the support page and got hit with "You do not have access to request a support case because this Esri Account is not connected to an organization in My Esri." Is this something I need to go up the chain within my organization to get submitted?

Tablet Specs:

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

Model Number: SM-T580

Android Version: 8.1.0

Samsung Experience version 9.5

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