AppStudio 5.3 on Windows - source code folder

04-28-2022 10:28 AM
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I'm not keen on the default folder that AppStudio uses to store code (C:\Users\Me\ArcGIS\AppStudio\Apps). Is it possible to use a different folder?

Thanks for the help.

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Hi @BurnsideAdmin,

Check out our documentation for File Management. It demonstrates how you can change file paths. We also have a sample app called "Working with Files" that demonstrates it with working code so you can try it out.  


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Hi @BurnsideAdmin 

If you are looking to change the location that a particular app uses to store files, then yes, definitely check out the documentation on File Management and you can change the location(s) somewhere within the app code itself.

If your question is more related to where AppStudio itself stores the folders containing the apps that you create, then another option is to use standard Windows directory junctions to point elsewhere.

You could create a directory junction to point that entire directory (C:\Users\Me\ArcGIS\AppStudio\Apps) elsewhere, or you could do this individually for certain apps. I do this occasionally in situations where I want the AppStudio application code stored as a subfolder as part of a larger project that might, say, be included in a GitHub repo.

Look up the Windows "mklink /J" command online for more info.


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