App Studio Player Blank on IOS Simulator launched from App Studio

10-13-2021 02:13 PM
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When I load any iOS simulator from appstudio, it loads the simulator and launches app studio.  But app studio player on the simulator just loads as a blank white page.  When I close and open player on the simulator, it does the same.  I would like to use the simulator on my Mac, but it doesn't seem to work.  I really want to use this feature, but my attempts to load an iphone 8 and iphone 11 simulator have failed from app studio player not loading.  I am using app studio 4.4.77 as that is what my app is created in.



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Can you check what version of the AppStudio Player is installed in your simulator? The white screen issue is normally a sign of QML code-related issue, which could be due to running in an older version of AppStudio Player. 

It is probably best to update the AppStudio to the latest version. 

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Have you tried installing the stand alone AppStudio Player in addition to AppStudio? There was a bug in earlier versions of AppStudio that behaved like what you are seeing but installing the stand alone player resolved it.

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