Any plans to fix default date on Quick Report apps?

09-21-2015 02:02 PM
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I have already posed this question once and have yet to hear back. And since it was not fixed in Beta 4 I thought I would ask again. If you do not manually put the date in for a quick report app it logs it as either December 31, 1969 or January 1, 1970. Until this is fixed this pretty much makes that data value useless, unless the user manually puts in the correct date. And few people are going to do that when today's date is what comes up in the app.

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Hi Matt,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I was able to reproduce the same behavior. Can you create a ticket with Esri Technical Support so we can log this issue?



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Hi Marla,

I have already done that. I worked with someone at technical services for several weeks on this issue but since AppStudio was still in Beta information was hard to come by for the tech who assisted me. He logged a bug as BUG-000090612: Incorrect date saved to database when using Quick Report Template in AppStudio

Hope this helps,


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Although we have made some changes to the version 1.0 template - i do want to clarify the expected behavior. If you want a default date entered in your feature service - you need to define a default date in the feature service before you use it in a quick report.

Saying that, the change that you will see in version 1.0 is that if

- the field is not required, and

- a default date is not set, and,

- the user does not enter a date,

- the date field will be empty (instead of the 1/1/1970) in the resultant feature in the feature service.

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