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What's New in ArcGIS AppStudio 5.5 LTS (Feb 2023)

02-28-2023 03:35 PM
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Today we are announcing that AppStudio 5.5 will be a “Long-Term Support” (LTS) release of the product and the last major release of AppStudio. The ArcGIS AppStudio product will be officially retired in February 2025.

For information about the ArcGIS AppStudio retirement roadmap refer to this announcement:
ArcGIS AppStudio Retirement Roadmap and Beyond

Also,  we have posted an AppStudio Product Retirement FAQ with details about the retirement roadmap as well as what this means for Survey123 and QuickCapture users.


Updates included in AppStudio 5.5

ArcGIS AppStudio 5.5 includes many enhancements, bug fixes, and component updates to ensure our users have a solid and reliable platform for building native apps.


AppStudio 5.5 Release Video


Changes and updated features include:
  • The ArcGIS Runtime for Qt has been updated to 100.15.1.
  • AppStudio Cloud Make now supports XCode 14 for iOS and macOS builds, to meet April 2023 Apple App Store requirements.
  • AppStudio AppRun is now installed in place of AppStudio Player when running apps on iOS simulators and Android emulators.
  • Apps automatically run when launched on an iOS simulator.
  • For apps targeting Android 13 or above, notification runtime permissions are now supported.
  • On iOS, bitcode is no longer built into executables created with cloud or local Make.
  • For improved security, Windows executables are now signed with a SHA256 algorithm.
Issues addressed and Bugs Fixed include:
  • Bugs were fixed regarding text misalignment, truncation, and character sets, when AppStudio is used in languages other than English.
  • Bugs were fixed in which an error occurs when attempting to sign-in and retrieve an AppStudio Developer Edition licence.
  • A bug was fixed in which the table of properties failed to appear for apps not created from templates.
  • On Android, a bug was fixed in which app link URL scheme parameters did not work on some devices.
  • On Android 12, a bug was fixed in which apps using indoor positioning would crash.
  • On Windows, a bug was fixed in which the bin folder and contents are not deleted on uninstall of AppStudio.
  • On macOS Ventura, a bug was fixed in which Qt Creator would not open.
Updates to the AppStudio AppFramework:
  • A bug was fixed in which the stayAwake property of the Platform component, failed to stop a device going to sleep whilst recording audio.
  • For improved security ZipFileInfo, ZipReader, and ZipWriter components have been updated to use zlib 1.2.13 library.
  • The network.proxy property of the AppFramework component can now be refreshed when system proxy changes on the device, without needing to restart the app.
  • Newest iOS device names have been added to the systemInformation property of the AppFramework component.
  • On iOS, a bug was fixed in which forward proxy settings were being incorrectly ignored when using the NetworkRequest component.
  • On macOS, a bug was fixed that caused apps to crash when using the Battery component.
Updated AppStudio Player
  • ArcGIS Runtime has been updated to 100.15.1.

Please refer to the “What’s new in AppStudio” documentation for a full list of updates and bugs fixed in AppStudio 5.5 and previous releases.


ArcGIS AppStudio 5.4 November Update

In November of 2022, we released a product update specifically focused on fixes and feature enhancements to our app templates.  To learn more see the "November Update - AppStudio 5.4 Templates” announcement


Connect with Us

Please reach out to us on Esri Community or using if you have questions about the 5.5 release or retirement of ArcGIS AppStudio