What's new in AppStudio Player for ArcGIS Version 2.0

06-30-2017 08:59 AM
Esri Regular Contributor
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AppStudio Player for ArcGIS allows you to test your app on a device quickly.  AppStudio Player version 2.0 is now available on iTunes and Google Play stores. Here is an introduction of new features and enhancements.   


Settings Enhancements:

AppStudio Player now supports two versions of the ArcGIS Runtime and new style controls. Hence, we have introduced a new settings interface that allows you to switch between ArcGIS Runtime 100.1 and 10.2.6 and set up your app style (Default, Material style, and Universal style).  We also provided an option to turn on or off auto refreshing of apps in the Settings interface.




Side Tab Enhancements:

The side tab allows you navigate from your current app to Gallery. We have provided the ability to reposition this side tab by simply dragging around the screen.  You will notice that a Reload button is on the side tab, this button allows you download the latest version of the app without closing it. Moreover, you can completely hide the side tab and take nice screenshots of your app. 




Search and Download Public Apps:

AppStudio Player Version 2.0 provides the ability to search and download apps shared with you,  shared within an organization and shared publicly.