Updates to Map Viewer template in version 3.0

04-30-2018 10:51 AM
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The Map Viewer template app allows you to view public or secured web maps in a native app.  You can also download and view Mobile Map Packages (MMPKs) in your Map Viewer app for offline use.  We are excited to announce the new features and enhancements that are introduced in this release.
Upgrade ArcGIS Runtime SDK to 100.2.1
ArcGIS Runtime level has been upgraded from 100.1 to 100.2.1, which means that new features added to Runtime 100.2 and 100.2.1 are also available in Map Viewer. This includes support for MMPKs containing Vector and Raster tile packages and Raster datasets. 
Note: An ArcGIS Runtime Standard license is required for accessing MMPKs that contain Raster datasets
Measure tool (NEW)
This release also adds a new Measure tool, letting users draw polylines or polygons on the map to measure distance or areas.  You can also set measurement units in the app to return different results.
Secure Storage
Map Viewer just got safer and more powerful with the implementation of encrypting tokens and sensitive information into the system using the Secure Storage plugin
The sensitive information will be stored in the Keychain on macOS and iOS devices,the Keystore on Android devices, the Credential Locker on Windows devices, and in a keychain.ini file on Linux devices.   
Biometric authentication support (NEW)
With this update, we have implemented the Authentication plugin in conjunction with the Secure Storage plugin to allow you log into Map Viewer quicker and safer.  You can now log into Map Viewer through fingerprint scan on iOS, MacOS, and Android devices.  Additionally, Face ID is also supported for iPhone X users.  
Better offline experience 
Since announcing support for offline mobile map packages (MMPKs) in the AppStudio 2.1 release, we have been continuing work on this feature for providing you a better offline experience. To help you manage your mobile data usage,  a warning message will be displayed when you are trying to download a MMPK using cellular data. We also introduced a Clear Cache button on the Menu page to remove downloaded MMPKs to help conserve your device’s storage capacity.  Previously, you were also required to sign into your portal or organization to download and view MMPKs. However, you may now choose to skip sign in to access MMPKs which are created using the ArcGIS Pro Publisher Extension and have the Enable Anonymous Use property enabled.
New options in Gallery page to show online maps only, offline maps only, or both
We want to give you more control over your Map Viewer configuration. The list of items in the Gallery page can now be filtered to display web maps only, MMPKs only, or both web maps and MMPKs.  To do this, start AppStudio Desktop, open the Settings dialog when your Map Viewer app is selected, select Gallery, scroll down to the Maps to Show in Gallery and select the desired type of maps you would like to show.
Note:  You will need to sign into your portal or organization to download and view offline maps.  To display Sign In button on the Map Viewer Start page, you need to have Support secured maps enabled, which can be done in Settings > Map Viewer Properties > Gallery 
Other enhancements 
·        Geosearch results are now displayed based on distance from the device location
·        Supports identifying features in a feature collection 
·        The back button on Android devices now moves the user to the previous page, rather than exiting the app
·        UI has been updated to support the iPhone X resolution
We hope you enjoy the updates to Map Viewer, available by creating a new template app on the AppStudio website or AppStudio Desktop. What’s new in Map Tour 3.0 blog post is coming soon!
Note: Map Viewer template includes ArcGIS Runtime functionalities, please do not forget to set your ArcGIS Runtime license before deploying your app into production.  AppStudio Desktop is capable of automatically generate a free Runtime Lite license for you (Settings > Advanced Settings dialog > Set Lite license).   
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Hi Tina

Will the MapViewer ever have the ability to take a web map offline? Currently it looks like it can take an MMPK offline. But it would nice to have to ability to select an area on screen for a given web map and take that data offline.