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How to use Biometric Authentication in the AppStudio Apps

11-21-2017 09:07 AM
by Anonymous User
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AppStudio 2.1 release has introduced a new Biometric Authentication plugin that provides a layer of security to authenticate a user in an app via fingerprint scan. This blog post shows how you can enable Biometric Authentication in your apps along with usage.

Please note: This is a BETA feature and is currently available on Windows, iOS, and macOS. Support for Android devices is being worked on and should be available in the next version of AppStudio. We are looking for your feedback while using it in your own AppStudio apps. (You can see that we have added this to the AppStudio player.)


BiometricAuthenticator singleton is part of Authentication module, it currently supports on devices that have a built-in fingerprint sensor or portable reader.  Such as your iPhone or Mac with new touch bar or Windows devices with built-in fingerprint reader or a portable USB one. 

BiometricAuthenticator has the following properties:

  • supported – Return a boolean value whether your device supports this functionality
  • activated – Return a boolean value whether your device is activated to use this functionality
  • message – Set a custom message in the authentication dialog.  
It has to be set before calling authenticate() method
  • errorMessage – It's a read-only property which returns the error message on authentication. By default, it returns “No Error” for unsupported devices.
Make sure that you check for this property only when a device is supported



  • authenticate() – Invoke the native biometric authentication dialog (also known as touch id for iOS and macOS)



  • accepted() – This signal is emitted when a user is successfully authenticated
  • rejected(Reason reason) – This signal is when emitted when a user fails to authenticate along with the reason for failure



  1. Your device needs to have a built-in fingerprint sensor or portable reader
  2. Fingerprint must be enrolled in your device

How to implement fingerprint authentication

This step - by - step tutorial will get your familiarized with BiometricAuthenticator and help you get you started with the fingerprint authentication.


Step 1 

Enable Biometric Authentication capability, to do this:

Open Desktop > Select your app > Click on Settings > Capabilities > Enable Biometric Authentication 


Step 2

Import Authentication Module 

import ArcGIS.AppFramework.Authentication 1.0‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

Step 3 

Check if biometric authentication is activated or not. Rectangle color will turn to green if biometric authentication is activated and it will turn to red if it is not activated

App {
    id: app
    width: 400
    height: 640

    property color successColor: "green"
    property color errorColor: "red"

    Rectangle {
        anchors.fill: parent
        color: BiometricAuthenticator.activated ? successColor : errorColor


Step 4

Add a button to call authenticate() method 

        Button {
            id: touchIDButton
            anchors.centerIn: parent
            text: "Touch ID"
            onClicked: {

Step 5 

Add a custom message on the fingerprint dialog


        Button {
            id: touchIDButton
            anchors.centerIn: parent
            text: "Touch ID"
            onClicked: {
                BiometricAuthenticator.message = qsTr("Custom Message")

Step 6

Display fingerprint status message with the BiometricAuthenticator signals.  When a fingerprint is successfully authenticated, the accept signal will emit and “Success” text will print out.  When fingerprint fails to authenticate, the reject signal will emit and print out "Fail"

        Text {
   : touchIDButton.bottom
            anchors.horizontalCenter: parent.horizontalCenter

            Connections {

                onAccepted :{
                    statusMessage.text = qsTr("Success")
                onRejected: {
                    statusMessage.text = qsTr("Fail")

Step 7

Upload and test in the AppStudio Player 

Biometric Authentication Sample

We have provided a sample app to demonstrate how to use Biometric Authentication plugin for your apps. 

To create an app based on this sample, follow these steps:  
  • Open AppStudio Desktop
  • Click on the New App button 
  • Search and select Biometric Authentication sample 
  • Click on the Create Button 

 This sample is also available in the appstudio-samples GitHub repo


We would greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions on how we can improve Biometric Authentication plugin.  Please leave your comments down below or email us your feedback.  

To learn more about Biometric Authentication plugin, please check our API guide and API reference.