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AppStudio for ArcGIS 3.3 Beta Now Available!

02-27-2019 10:14 AM
by Anonymous User
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We are excited to announce the beta release of AppStudio for ArcGIS 3.3.  Downloads are available through the Early Adopter Community.  We encourage you to participate in the beta program to try out new features, enhancements, and report bugs.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated, as it helps us improve AppStudio and deliver a stable and high-performance product for everyone. 

Highlights of this beta release include:

Upgraded Xcode to 10.1

The Apple App Store has announced that all new apps and app updates submitted to the App Store will need to be built with Xcode 10 or above starting from March 2019. We are aware of this change and have upgraded our build environment to Xcode 10.1 in this beta release to make sure you can continue to upload your app to the Apple App Store successfully.  


Support for building Android 64-bit apps

The Android NDK has also been upgraded from version 10 to 18, to support building Android 64-bit (ARMv8) apps. This will not only bring better performance to your app by taking advantage of the ARMv8 architecture but also helps you prepare for the future requirement to provide 64-bit versions to the Google Play Store starting August 2019  Currently, you can build an Android 64-bit app using the AppStudio Desktop Make tool, and we will support this on the AppStudio website in the final 3.3 release.


Upgraded Qt to version 5.12

The underlying Qt framework has been upgraded to version 5.12.0, which allows you to take advantage of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes added to Qt 5.12.0


Support for App Configuration and Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM)

This has been one of the most popular requested features, and we are excited to release a new AppFramework.Management plugin to support Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) software to read and overwrite certain provided default settings for iOS and Android devices, this allows you to manage and secure your apps and data across mobile devices. We will share more information about managed app configuration support in coming blogs.

AppStudio for ArcGIS Extension for Visual Studio Code 

You can now try the AppStudio for ArcGIS extension for Visual Studio Code as an alternative for using Qt Creator. AppStudio Desktop is still used to create new apps, but you can edit, upload and run your AppStudio apps from within Visual Studio Code. To learn more see this documentation on the Early Adopter Community.

Other New Features and Enhancements:

  • Browser View support for Chrome experience on Android devices.
  • checkCapability() now supports checking whether the background location capability is enabled.
  • iOS minimum supported version has been changed from iOS 10 to iOS 11.
  • Better experience to Register Client ID when the App is not yet uploaded.

Note: API references of new features and enhancements are available at Qt Creator Help documentation included with the AppStudio Desktop 3.3 (Beta) install.    



The ArcGIS.AppFramework.Controls and ArcGIS.AppFramework.Promises modules are in the process of being deprecated. We advise that you discontinue using these plugins and begin to remove them from your existing AppStudio apps. You can use JavaScript Promises to replace ArcGIS.AppFramework.Promises.    

A more comprehensive list of new features and enhancements can be found in the Early Adopter community website


Getting Started

The beta program is open to anyone – join the Early Adopter Community today to get access to the latest versions of AppStudio 3.3 beta.

  • AppStudio Desktop - You can download the beta version of AppStudio Desktop 3.3 here.
  • AppStudio Player (iOS) - AppStudio Player is available via Apple's TestFlight. Please click on this link to download AppStudio Player 3.3 (Beta).
  • AppStudio Player (Android) - AppStudio Player is available via Android Beta Program. Please go to this link to download.

You are now all set to start testing the AppStudio 3.3 Beta!



Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will help us to improve the final release of AppStudio for ArcGIS 3.3. For bugs or other issues, you may find, please submit a bug report or join the beta forum to provide feedback. You can also send us an email to


The final release is scheduled for April.  We want to thank everyone who contributes to AppStudio for ArcGIS 3.3 in advance and we wish you happy testing!


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