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03-23-2017 06:51 PM
Esri Regular Contributor
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We’re pleased to announce that version 1.4 of AppStudio for ArcGIS is now available.  You can get the new version of AppStudio by logging into or downloading AppStudio Desktop and Player from the download page.

Key new features of this release include:

  •   Framework Documentation: We’ve greatly expanded our documentation of the AppStudio Framework in Qt Creator, with more property and method descriptions and demonstrative code samples to help you understand the framework’s tools. You can also now press F1 while a component is highlighted in Qt Creator to directly open the help to the relevant section. 
  •   Text to Speech Support (Beta Functionality): An early version of text-to-speech functionality is now available in the AppStudio Framework. This feature is still in beta, and is subject to be refined or changed significantly in future releases.
  •   Android x86 for cloud and local Make: Previously, AppStudio’s Make tools could only build Android apps for ARM processors; while these would work for Android devices using x86 processors, they would be slower and less effective than an app built specifically for an x86 processor. Now, both cloud and local Makes are able to build x86 Android apps, allowing these devices to run at their full potential. Plus users can take advantage of installing the x 86 player app directly on emulators and the x86 specific devices.


AppStudio Template new features:

  •   Map Tour

  1. Offline Support – Map Tour now gets cached locally by default on the device. This gives users the ability to view and interact with the apps at places with limited or no network connectivity. All features of the app are available while offline, except for the map. That means pictures, thumbnails and text cached locally on the user’s device. With the ability to clear the cache.
  2. Map Pins have been refreshed with new look.
  3. ‘Learn more’ provides information about a specific map tour. This is particularly useful when you have multiple Map Tours in the gallery. This helps end users to get you know more about the MapTour currently being viewed. This includes the description, thumbnail and last updated information about the Map Tour

  •   Quick Report 

  1. Polyline and Polygon based feature services layers - Users can now report Polyline or Polygon geometry features. The functionality lets user draw or edit their desired paths or polygons on the map. On successful submission the feature gets created using the drawn geometry. The measured length and area for the drawn geometry is also provided in various units. This functionality is available online only. In offline mode the Map is not available.
  2. Secured feature services - You can consume ArcGIS secured REST services using OAuth2 token based authentication. When using the app for the first time it prompts user with a sign-in dialog which creates a new token. The generated token is available locally for any subsequent logins. Similarly, if the app goes offline you are still able to sign in automatically using the previously generated token when creating or editing a report.
  3. Back button support -The back button has been implemented for the Quick Report Template, which means now users can use the device back button to go back to the previous page anytime within the application.
  4. Improvements to Add Details page - Better user experience when working with the Add Details Page. There is a clear button to clear the text field. There is also Done button (enabled for iOS) which makes it easier to hide the keyboard when the user has finished inputting the information in text field. 
  5. Image Viewer - Ability to zoom in and out the image attachments.  Also gives ability to change the image name and add location information to the image.

  •   All three templates have received bugfixes and UI/UX improvements.
  • Other Improvements:
  1.   Qt Updates: Qt components have now been upgraded to 5.8.0.
  2.   Language Support Improvements: AppStudio and AppStudio Player now support Bosnian and Indonesian.




Updated the documentation of the Map Tour app in AppStudio for ArcGIS to clarify the different requirements between the mobile app and the web app that it will be based on.


Updated the Quick Report template in AppStudio for ArcGIS to display range or coded value domain fields.


Fixed the bug in Story Map Tour template in AppStudio for ArcGIS regarding numeric symbols that are present in ArcGIS Online Story Map.


Native Map Tour app created with AppStudio for ArcGIS Desktop now displays the application when Map Tour is created using a map service.


Fixed the issue regarding inconsistent behaviour with random characters displaying in the search bar on iOS devices when setting the font size in the text field in AppStudio for ArcGIS.


Fixed the issue regarding the list order of map tour points getting reversed in AppStudio for ArcGIS when using AppStudio Player on iOS devices if the base Story Map Tour app is created using image URLs.


Estimate strings in Make build progress dialog are no longer truncated.


Corrupted Chinese characters that are in Italic font in AppStudio for ArcGIS Player for Android is fixed.


Missing text on Sign In page in AppStudio for ArcGIS Player for Android platform is fixed.


Updated the documentation of the Map Tour app in AppStudio for ArcGIS to clarify the different requirements between the mobile app and the web app that it will be based on.