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Lock request conflicts with an established lock after updating to 10.1

04-12-2013 08:09 AM
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Hi all,
I'm in the process of cutting over from 10.0 to 10.1.  In the new 10.1 environment I'm finding that when performing more than one update to a feature via my Silverlight application I'm receiving this error:

{Error code '400': 'Unable to complete operation.'
Lock request conflicts with an established lock [dbo.DEFAULT]}

After some yet to be determined timespan the lock will release and I'll be able to perform the subsequent edit.  I never experienced this behavior in 10.0, I understand that this could be a configuration issue with the feature services that have been deployed but I'm on the development side of the equation and have little to no knowledge regarding configuration and publishing of those services.  Anyone have any idea why this may be occurring or how I may be able to best correct or troubleshoot this issue?

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I also have this same problem, can someone help please?
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Same issues here.  I have a flex site where my users can attach files to a table.  It's been working until today, as of today when they go to attach they get a fault code 400, lock request conflicts .  I can't find answers anywhere, we have service pack 1 installed.  It seems to only happen when we attach a file, they can update attributes and even add records.  It seems to take longer than an hour for the 'lock' to get released.
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i have the same issue, i m flex viewer application, any help please
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Has anyone figured this out? I'm using API 3.0 for Silverlight with Silverlight 5. The server is ArcGIS 10.1. I'm getting this error when editing -- deleting or creating records. We thought ArcGIS for Server supported concurrent editing?
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A similar message occurred for me this morning.  Because I had an ArcGIS Server service pointing to this feature class (with update, delete privileges), I couldn't get an exclusive lock on it and got this message.

The solution for me was to log in to ArcGIS Server and stop the feature service, edit/modify the SDE featureclass as necessary, save then go back to ArcGIS Server and restart the feature service.

Hope this helps!
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Hi All, I also have the same problem.

Regarding save edits, I found error messages from ArcGIS Server as follows:

"Error code 400: Unable to complete operation.
Lock request conflicts with an established lock [X.Do1][STATE_ID = 64638]"


Error code 400: Unable to complete operation.
State in use -- definition being modified [X.Do1][STATE_ID = 64744]

These errors occured randomly. If this error happens, another user session must wait over hours to continue edited by other users.

Can anybody help please?
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I got same problem, and the solution is deleting inactive session in geodatabase
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Anyone knows why this may be happening?
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I am also having this issue.  The Schema lock setting does not fit it.
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