Webmap print/export map don't include tokens

10-13-2022 10:48 PM
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I have a secured a secured service that you either try to print or export it fails to export the secured layers. Print and export map don't appear to include the token. If you manually add the token to each layer that works. I'm using a built in user via a simple login with username and password. Is this a bug?

version arcgis==2.0.1

code sample (with workaround)




        gis = GIS(portal_url, username=portal_username, password=portal_password)
        wm_item = gis.content.get('ITEMID')
        wm = WebMap(wm_item)

        e = polygon.extent
        ext = {'spatialReference': {'latestWkid': 3857, 'wkid': 102100},
               "xmin": 14219202.665619811,
               "ymin": -3017623.8659692756,
               "xmax": 14225164.753826046,
               "ymax": -3005929.0006416594}

        # DW another esri bug? Doesn't add the token on print or export
        for layer in wm.layers:
            layer.token = gis._con.token

        map_options = {
            "extent": ext

         # compose combined JSON
        print_options = {
            "mapOptions": map_options,
            "operationalLayers": wm._webmapdict["operationalLayers"],
            "baseMap": wm._basemap,
            "exportOptions": {"dpi": 96},
            "layoutOptions": layoutOptions

        printed_file_url = wm.print(file_format='JPG', layout_template="A4 Landscape",
                                     extent=ext, layout_options=layoutOptions)




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