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Utilizing the arcgis.geoenrichment module for data enrichment and running into issue of Country Code

06-15-2023 09:47 AM
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I am using the arcgis.geoenrichment, arcgis.geometry, and arcgis.gis modules to ascertain enrichment data for particular analysis variables. I originally was using ArcGIS Business Analyst but was running into an issue of my browser crashing due to running out of memory so I switched over to the ArcGIS Python API.

My particular use case is creating 1-mile buffer areas around ~100 points and ascertaining enrichment data from them. I created an API key, using my student account, that allows for Basemaps, Geocoding (stored), Geocoding (not stored), Service area, and Geoenrichment.

After switching over to Visual Studio, I consulted these two links:

  1. arcgis.geoenrichment module 
  2. intro to performing enrichment data

and modified the examples provided.

Here is my code:



Here is the error message:


How do I specify the U.S. iso3 code?

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Are you setting Country to "ATA"? Thats what the error message is saying. Below is how I ensure that USA is the Business Analyst dataset being used. What country are you intending to use?



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