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User Credit Usage

10-10-2019 01:27 PM
by Anonymous User
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I want to query the number of ArcGIS Online credits that a user has consumed in the past 24 hours. As things stand with the CreditManager, you can only query the entire organization. Could an additional parameter be added to the credit_usage method whereby you can specify a specific user or list of users?

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It doesn't look like it's possible to query credit usage per user at this time using the ArcGIS API for Python. However, I definitely see how this could be useful. Please create a new post under ArcGIS Ideas requesting this functionality. 


by Anonymous User
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Thanks Joshua - idea added here!



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I tried using the code mentioned below that use this: gis.admin.usage_reports.users()
However, that was returning some bizarre results - the list was only about half of what our total user count was and it included quite a few users that were not a part of our organization. What is this used for? What is this usage report?

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Hi @LindseyDanforth_Boulder ,

This is by design since the usage report tracks all the usernames who used services, including non-organization users who used  publicly shared services.

Also, just to clarify, the usage_reports tool reports "usage" for users, if you need to create a credit report for users in your org, you can use 

For more details, please see our documentation:




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You can query individual users credit consumption using  gis.admin.usage_reports.users().  I have attached a simple sample.

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Thanks for the example

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