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use proxy server

05-17-2021 12:32 PM
New Contributor III

Hello everyone,

We have a python script that is connecting to our ArcIGS online to update some content.

We need to run this script from one of our Dev servers which doesn't have internet access.

Instead we have a layer 7 (a forward proxy) in place which works as the following 

If the python script is sending request like this
We will have a crosseponding layer7 URL to this domain* =>** =>* 

But the problem, as you know we don't manage the requests ArcGIS python api is making.

So, I tried to create a proxy server using python. which intercept the requests sent by the arcgis python script, in a try to modify the sent requests But no luck till now.

As When I debug the proxy server, I find the request is empty and the arcgis python script returns with error while I'm still debuging the proxy server script.


Any thoughts about this, or is there is a way I can tell pthon script api to use a layer7 URL whenever it sends requests to a specific domain


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