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Updating Feature Layer by geocoding an address, but for_storage = true gives error?

06-21-2018 08:43 AM
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Hello All,

I have written a python script, which pulls down a layer of data from our portal, I have bunch of address which I geocode and add it to layer, while geocoding if don't use for_storage = true variable it works fine, add data display it correctly, but if I use for_storage = true which I am supposed to use as I am storing that geocoded result to my database, it gives me several different errors which are:

Error Code 403: which says the user does not have permission to store geocoding result?

But my user is an administrator, so it has all the possible permission, I also tried with publisher and editor it doesn't work.

Error Code 400: which says Invalid Username and password and Unable to generate a token

I am printing my token, and it is valid, as I have registered the script and using that client ID and Secret to generate a token, and I 100% sure the username and password are valid because as I remove "for_storage= true" from the

"results = geocode(i, for_storage= True)", it works.

Can anybody help me with it?



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I am receiving error code 403. Insufficient privileges to store geocode results. But I am an adminstrator. Did you solve this issue? If so, how? 



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