Unable to save clipped image to portal

04-05-2021 03:36 AM
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While executing the mentioned notebook ( https://developers.arcgis.com/python/sample-notebooks/detecting-settlements-using-supervised-classif... ), I tried to save the clipped image (saharanpur_clip) using the syntax: 


Though this creates an item in the portal, the size remains 0kb and I am also unable to open and view it. I have tried using the pythonapi.playground portal with the provided credentials as well as my organization's portal (with admin rights) but I continue to face the same issue. Please refer below for the GIS constructors used.

gis = GIS(url='https://pythonapi.playground.esri.com/portal', username='arcgis_python', password='amazing_arcgis_123')

gis = GIS(url='url', username='name', password='***', verify_cert=False)

Please refer images attached.



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