Transferring data from sde 9.3 to 10.6.1

06-15-2020 03:13 PM
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We have an old sde 9.3 on Oracle whose data we have been successfully pushing into a SQL Server 10.2.2 geodatabase on a nightly basis using an sde connection and python. Now we are upgrading the one geodatabase to 10.6.1, but when I run the python script to truncate and then append the 10.6.1 geodatabase with the data from sde 9.3, it fails.

Our information:

Oracle 11g with sde 9.3

SQL Server Server 2016, 10.6.1 

My question:

Is it possible to transfer features from an sde 9.3 feature class to a 10.6.1 feature class with Python without having to export to a file geodatabase or shapefile first?

I have tried creating a direct connection to our sde 9.3 but every combination has failed. Thoughts?

Any help greatly appreciated,

Amy Rose

Senior GIS Analyst

City of Dallas

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