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st_bin() Detail Documentation

03-24-2020 03:00 PM
New Contributor

Hi Guys,

I am new to ESRI and trying to understand its use. I am using St_Bin() UDF on my hive tables. St_bin() assigns a bin_ID based on lat/long and distance value I pass. 

my code:

st_bin(0.01,st_point(long,lat)) as bin_id

I was wondering if there is some detail documentation about the ST_Bin() UDF i can go through to understand, if its a standard value that is assigned or more of a relative evaluation.

Basically what i am trying is, if I ran the same function on 2 different dataset, will the bin_ID be same for the same/close points or will it might change for different datasets. My aim it to get a bin_id for to 2 different dataset and see if I can use this as one of my join condition between 2 dataset to reduce computation and increase the processing time.


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