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Send message to Group

08-24-2020 08:37 AM
New Contributor III

Seems there should be a way to send messages to an entire Group that I own right?  Members have organizational accounts but are from different organizations.  I posed this question on Friday as a programming question - Format smtp notifications to Group members, arcgis-online - But at this point I would be fine with going through the ArcGIS Online directly.

I don't see buttons or tabs or any way to send a Group message.  How do I send messages to my Group members?

Just FYI I am abandoning the Python API route because I didn't get any responses and for one-off messages I am fine to use functionality online.  The problem with that route was that my Python text with linebreaks:

'Dear Guys\n\nHere is my message body.\n\nThanks\n\nZach'

- is not formatting Python text.  Just comes out as one big string in e-mail body when passed to notify function.

group_name.notify([group_members_to_sent], 'subject', 'msg_body', 'e-mail')



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Yes! I just created a group for a 3rd party service we are trying out, and I wanted to send instructions to the group for accessing the service. At a minimum group admins should be able to send messages to members. For cool points add an integration with Teams, Slack, etc so the messages go to your members on other platforms.

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