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REST API - splitPolygonsAtBreaks does not work

03-24-2021 05:24 AM
New Contributor


I'm using service areas API to generate isochrones and the API is currently returning rings for the service areas (which is cutting out isochrones within the wider isochrones).

E.g. the 10-minute isochrone has the 5-minute isochrone is cut out of it, resulting in a multi polygon instead of a polygon.

This should be solved by using the parameter &splitPolygonAtBreaks=true to return disks, instead of rings. The documentation is below:
See: splitPolygonAtBreaks

Unfortunately, this parameter does not seem to work, changing between "&splitPolygonAtBreaks=false" and "&splitPolygonAtBreaks=true" does not change what is returned using the API.

The base URL is: ''

Please can anyone help? Not sure if this is a broken API.



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