Proxy server configuration and portal authentication

05-15-2022 10:14 PM
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Hello all,

I am trying to write a stand alone python script that accesses a REST API feature service using ArcGIS Python for API. The service is sitting in a portal of my organisation.
When using ArcGIS pro, I am supposed to use a Single Sign On system for an authentication to access the service that means I do not have a built-in account for the portal to use in the script.
I may be wrong but I understand that I need to configure a proxy server in the script by providing my own login credential to a proxy server.
But I am new to Python API, I don't know an appropriate way to achieve this.
Much appreciated if anyone could tell me some solutions.

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Usually I just use my username and password, it's using Active Directory for authentication but it still works with the Python API. 



from arcgis.gis import GIS
PORTAL_PASSWORD="my active directory password"


 It's possible to create a token in Portal and then use the token in your script. I'm sure I messed around with that a few months ago? If you go to the "portaladmin" site you can get a token with an expiration time and a URL to limit it  The URL is like https://YOURPORTALNAME/portal/portaladmin and click "Generate Token".

So go generate a token, then copy the string and paste it, something like this:


token = "yBj8Gde3jFvLqbCWIyAG5p5fi0-lK8liEjd9JfPFD2ez2zEvoLlRnmHayZNEeqaoo98Cx0xRqiem-wLaCEKTE7KGyaXv3fRytAg7foDE8ugPdx9p7hrk-_RFPv63NwG9-i9tEjSh9snfb4xGcygM4q4FnmrNw8OM48k3GAie-UFVQaIU1Df065AHZkBTCG-xh1AOMr3FWW5vbHQw.."
gis = GIS(PORTAL_URL,api_key=token)
q = '*'
list_of_maps =
        q, item_type='web map', outside_org=False, max_items=5000)
print("Maps found %d" % len(list_of_maps))



on my computer this generated text like this

GIS @ https://MYURL/portal version:8.4
Maps found 50

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Thanks for your suggestion. Unfortunately, as I am not an administrator for the portal, I cannot log in the admin site to generate Token.

Since I do not have my own username and password for the portal, I obtained "Client ID" to use "ArcGIS Python API supports OAuth 2.0 as an authentication method" (

from arcgis.gis import GIS
gis = GIS("https://************/portal", client_id='*********')
print("Successfully logged in as: " +

but this still did not success for some reasons


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