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OSError: -2 in prepare_data() in Deep Learning

01-15-2020 07:59 AM
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I'm trying to apply the Deep Learning methodology illustrated here Extracting Building Footprints From Drone Data | ArcGIS for Developers to my own data. But I'm getting the following error

The command I used was this:

The conda environment that I was working was installed with the following command
 'conda install -c esri arcgis deep-learning-essentials --no-pin'

Anybody know a solution to this?

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I think I realize what the error was. I was trying to run the command from a different environment than what was used while exporting the training samples.

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by Anonymous User
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This issue is usually raised because of a broken pillow installation, you can use the following command to fix the environment.

remove pillow using the command "pip uninstall pillow"

install back pillow using the command "pip install pillow==6.2.1"

Also, please check for the current pillow version supported by ArcGIS Python API while installing back pillow.

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