Missing .emd (Export Training for Deep Learning)

01-24-2020 02:50 AM
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 I am having trouble - an am wondering if anyone else also has this problem. Using the 'Export Training Data or Deep Learning' tool numerous times, I have been unable to generate the .emd file needed to continue. I am utilizing a 3-band (RGB) image as input and the classified raster. While I am using the Classified_Tiles meta format, I have tried PASCAL and KITTI, with no success. I get only the following in the output destination:





Has anyone else had this issue? It is very frustrating. Also, in lieu of a solution, is it possible to export the chips (without metadata) and labels to a csv file (map csv with imageID and label)?

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What version of arcgis pro do you have ?

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hello, I believe it is 10.2... from what I gather by reading the docs, it seems that its is necessary to have the Image Analyst license to actually output the .emd, is that right? If so-and not meaning to sound crass, bur what is the benefit of using the tool with he Geospatial Analyst? It appears that the only output from that specific license is chips and labels, but cannot be fed to Python for classification training.

i will say that I (somewhat) overcame this by exporting a labeled raster and then processing it with py modules ‘gdal’ and ‘matplotlib’.

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